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Inflatable Bladders:

Extra strong 8 mil polyurethane fabric.  RF welded seams more reliable than ever, more tear and puncture resistant, tough yet resilient.

Contact us for instructions and remember, you can still use your boat should bladders ever need repair.


Outer Protective Covers:

Super tough polyester reinforced marine grade vinyl fabric with UV inhibitors, flame-retardant, cleanable and dimensionally stable and well known for durability. Protection is recommended with a product such as 303 Aerospace Protectant, especially in southern locations with high UV exposure.

Vinyl-reinforced nylon (VRN) and vinyl-reinforced polyester (VRP), has been the proven choice for tough industrial fabric applications for over 20 years.

Color: Neutral Gray
Length: 7 ft. x 10.5 in. inflated*
Seams: Machine sewn with UV resistant polyester thread.

Braided attachment line to secure ends of Dinghy Dogs to four black 3" nylon Cleats provided with all necessary s.s. hardware.

 *Can be made shorter for SMALLER DINGHIES at no extra charge.  Email us with requirements


The Bravo2 pump included with your Dinghy Dogs will inflate one bladder in about 60 seconds. The pump is supplied with six additional adapters, the largest of which will fit your valve. Others can be used for different devices. Hold on to them.

Attach tubes to boat:

DINGHYDOGS covers have a flap on the bottom which has a rod along the edge.  This rod is slid into a PVC track permanently affixed to the boat 10" below the rail.  The track is held to the boat with 1/2" stainless screws and 3M VHB™ double coated industrial grade acrylic foam tape with super high bond adhesive:    .025" thick, 800kg/m3 foam density, 160 lbs./sq." tensile.

Tube length: 84"
Tube Diameter: 10.5" inflated.

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