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DINGHYDOGS are polyurethane inflatable tubes protected by tough, reinforced marine grade PVC outer covers.
Every unit is individually tested and
includes everything needed for easy do-it-yourself installation, even a pump.


The valves should be closed. (yellow stem up, see picture); if necessary push and twist the yellow stem counter clockwise so it pops up. (Push the stem in and turn clockwise to deflate.) Select the large ribbed fitting (A) and push completely into the end of the pump tube (C). Select the largest black adapter (B) and force it over the exposed end of the fitting (D). This adapter will be a very tight fit into the valve center but it will go with force. Now inflate the tubes as hard as you can.

valve        parts

The following will position the tubes so they won't interfere with rowing. If you won't be rowing
much you can install the cleats a couple of inches higher so the tops of the tubes are closer to the rail.


                            - Transom -
Position transom cleats 5 1/2” below top of rail to the middle of the cleat. Drill 1/16 holes, use silicone sealant in the holes and screw cleats to place using the 1” screws provided.



                              - Bow -
Next install cleats 82” forward of the transom and 3 1/2" below the rail (5 1/2” for regular tubes) using the 1” bolts and secure with nuts and sealant.  Use the washers provided to reduce protrusion if needed.


If you won't be doing much rowing adjust the cleats so the tubes are at the top of the rail.


With valve aft, tie forward ends tight to cleats. Tie aft ends to aft cleats. Due to curvature of the boat, tapping the tube while you snug the aft lines will make it easier to tie tightly to the cleat.

This tube position provides good clearance for rowing but you can raise the tubes if you wish by raising the cleats. Be sure the tubes are tight and flat against the sides


With the tubes mounted, slide track onto the edge of the flap and push track against the boat. Clean area where the track rests, remove the tape and press track to place. Drill 1/16” holes, place some sealant and screw to place with 1/2” screws provided.



Untie lines & slide off. Couldn't be easier.

Protect the covers with a vinyl protectant during season as needed but at least prior to storage.   We’ve included a sample of 303 Aerospace Protectorant. Keep DINGHYDOGS fully inflated and tied tightly to the cleats during use. When first installed the tubes can crinkle but it won’t affect performance and will adjust to the curve of the boat over time. DINGHYDOGS ARE NOT INTENDED TO OVERRIDE THE COAST GUARD CAPACITY RATING FOR YOUR BOAT. DO NOT OVERLOAD YOUR BOAT!

Tubes should always be very firm. But watch that southern sun and relieve some pressure if tubes seem too hard. Fabric covers can provide UV protection.Feel free to contact us at info@dinghydogs.com or 401 295 8382

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