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Nothing to lose but your unstable boat.

First, you will need some 1/4 inch line, (a clothesline will work). Then inflate the tubes until very firm.
1. Turn dinghy upside down and lay the tubes on the ground on each side as shown.

2. Tie line to one center flap through the grommet using a bowline or stop knot.

3. Run other end over the bottom of the boat to the other grommet and pull so the flaps are snug but the tubes are not lifted off the ground.

4. Tie off with half hitches for easy removal later.

5. Lift the tubes out of the way and turn the boat right side up.

6. Slide the line under the boat so the tubes are in the right location, toward the stern.


7. Tie a line to one end grommet, pull over the rail through the other tube's grommet, back over to the center, pull tight and and tie off . Both tubes must be tight against the sides of the boat. 

8. Repeat at the forward ends.  Be sure that tubes are not too low or too high by adjusting the first line (step 2) as necessary. They might slide in the water so test only long enough to determine if they're right for you.

If not, simply remove the lines, deflate the tubes and return everything in new condition during the first week and we'll refund your purchase price.

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