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What Owners Say About DINGHYDOGS

Cathy & Scott & Jax, Hermon, ME

Today is the first chance we got to try out the dinghy dogs on our canoe. And they worked great!!!

We were very nervous after flipping the whole canoe the last time we tried taking our 120 pound dog out. But the Dinghy Dogs were exactly what we needed! The bottom of them just hits the water surface, and keep the boat completely stable! We tested the stability by leaning way over the side and the canoe barely tipped.

So, thanks to our new "Dogs", we can finally take our dog Jax with us when we go boating!!! We plan to go camping on an island next weekend. Can't wait!!!

Thank you for all of your help on the phone in determining whether the Dinghy Dogs would work for a canoe!
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Marc Roman, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

     "You have a great product, I love sailing my Fatty Knees in about 15 to 20 knots of wind with the dinghy dogs! When the dinghy heals over and the dog hits the water it feels so stable , like I got a bigger boat!"


     "I don't know if you remember me and issue I had with the dogs. But I wanted to send you an email to let you know that I am now one of your biggest fans. They have saved us in Mexico because our outboard crapped out and this Dogs have made rowing into shore a piece of cake, even in big surf. I have put a page on our blog about it. http://tothebeach-36.blogspot.com/
Thanks for these great things! Many cruisers are asking about them."

Greg Cole & Abigail, NJ
     "The dinghy dogs worked great. Super easy to install and made a huge difference in the stability of our fiberglass tender. Take a look at the pictures I have included and let me know what you think."

owners    owners

Bill and Barbara Knapp, Bainbridge Island, WA
     "Harvey, We have started another season of cruising with Dinghy Dogs on our tender. I like rowing a hard dinghy and have them installed so that they are just clear of the water when I am rowing by my self. It is just like they are not there. I have had some success training my 70 pound dog to sit quietly in the center but the Dinghy Dogs really are valuable when my wife joins us. You can step or sit on the gunwale with out a problem when boarding.
      With the Dinghy Dogs I feel more secure while towing the dinghy in moderately rough weather even with a small outboard.
     Our sailing buddies also are pleased that we have Dinghy Dogs as I come in my hard dinghy to tie up to their boat.
Thank you, Harvey , for a good product."

Review of Walker Bay 8', EPINIONS Jul 22 '08 (Updated Jul 22 '08)
     There's also a solution to the tippy "problem" which is either the inflatable collar from WB at an outrageous price or "Dinghy Dogs" at about half the price which add a lot of stability.

SRhodes, Norfolk, VA
     "For the record and you can quote me any time, your product is excellent and it kept my wife from taking a nasty fall into the water last year.

LD  Juneau, Alaska
      "I built my dinghy myself and while it looks great, it was a bit unstable. So I talked my wife into putting on our survivor suits and seeing how easy it would be to tip it over. Wow, was it ever easy. So easy, in fact, that she was contemplating turning my dinghy into a flower planter.
      Then I ran across your "dogs", bought them and found them to be a great solution. My dinghy is now safe from the flower garden.

Gig Harbor Boat Works, WA

Dinghy dogs really help

Dinghy Dogs on a 10' Navigator from Gig Harbor Boat works

Paul Peachey via email to Practical Sailor
      "Responding to the article in the April 2008 edition, about the Walker Bay inflatable add-on kit and the comparison to Dinghy Dogs. Being a frugal sailor and old enough not to be overly concerned about aesthetics, in 1995, I fitted a Dinghy Dog kit to my Boatex 7.6-foot rigid dinghy.
     "It was an immediate improvement in stability, aesthetics aside, and they have served well over the last 14 seasons. I’ve had to replace one vinyl bladder due to leak on the seam. Including shipping, the replacement was well under $100.
     "The two-part construction, now with polyurethane bladders, and the tough outer sheath has undoubtedly contributed to their durability. Contact and dealing with the company has been easy and pleasant."

PP,  Ontario, Canada
      "The dogs on my 7'6" Boatex have performed flawlessly since 2001. They kept the dinghy afloat even when it recently flooded from spray while being towed through a storm

CM, Westerly, RI
      "We had an overnight at Watch Hill.  Here are the Dinghy Dogs in action! They work great! ! !


RGS, Cincinnati, OH
      "Just a quick word to say that your Dinghy-Dogs have proved to be just the ticket for stabilizing my 8 ft. TRINKA. In my opinion, they represent a good concept, well executed...Count me as one very satisfied customer. Congratulations. Well done!"

Arthur Card, Hamden, CT
      "I am now so secure with my dinghy that I purchased a battery & electric outboard (for it) - The Dinghy Dogs do not interfere with rowing. I am now trying to sell the inflatable that I bought to replace my unstable dinghy."

Anthony Cross., Warwick, RI
      "Without 'DD' I wouldn't be in my dinghy!"

Peter Breads, St. Petersburg Beach, FL
      "...Dinghy Dogs paid for themselves on our first cruise"

A.E.Gras, South Hero, VT (ages 75 & 77)
      "...it is now great and 2 old (men) can use a sailing dinghy"

Robert J. Roy, Plymouth, MA
      "My Blue Fin dinghy without the "Dogs" is awful. If flipped me twice. With the "Dogs" it is more comfortable and more stable than the Boston Whaler inflatable..."

R.J, Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada
      "The Dinghy Dogs arrived last year after we returned from our trip to the North Channel, which was approximately the first of August. We did, though, get the opportunity to use them extensively in August and September. They were great! We will send you pictures next year after our annual trip to the North Channel.
     "The Dinghy Dogs far exceeded our expectations! We cannot begin to explain the improvement the "Dogs" made in the stability and useability of our dinghy. We can now let the kids (not to mention ourselves!) use the dinghy without the worry of choppy waters.
     "I have no hesitation in saying that I cannot imagine that anyone would be disappointed with the cost/benefit of the Dinghy Dogs. (That's going some for a Canadian who has to pay approximately 40% in exchange!)."

Rosanne and Bob Schenck, Wenona, MD"
     "Both my husband and I are heavy and I have a bad knee. The Dinghy-Dogs make all the difference in the world in both stability and seaworthiness..."




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